Metal Siding

Twin Cities Metal Siding Installation

Steel and aluminum siding are the two most common types of metal siding options available today. Many homeowners choose metal over other siding materials for its strong and durable design.

Metal siding comes in many styles and colors making it the smart choice for someone looking for a resilient yet beautiful and affordable siding for their home.

The Benefits of Metal Siding

  • Low Maintenance:
    This is especially true in areas that receive severe winters and harsh summers.
  • Won’t Rot or Decay:
    Metal does not absorb water and won’t promote the growth of mold.
  • Unfriendly Toward Insects:
    Insects can’t damage metal siding no matter how hard they try.
  • Dent Resistant:
    Steel siding is very tough to dent or mar.
  • Fire Resistant:
    This is very beneficial for homes in areas that are prone to lightening strikes or forest fires.

Your Trusted Minneapolis Metal Siding Contractors

The siding professionals at Storm Group Roofing are experts at steel and aluminum siding installation. We will install metal siding on your home properly and efficiently so you can enjoy it for many years.