Minneapolis Siding Contractors

One of the primary concerns of a home or business owner interested in siding installation is whether or not the siding is of a high enough quality to withstand the Minnesota weather long-term.

It’s fair to say that Minneapolis and St. Paul sees its fair share of extreme weather, so your siding needs to stand up to it and look great in the process. Storm Group Roofing is committed to ensuring that property owners throughout the Twin Cities have access to affordable, high quality siding that is able to withstand whatever Minnesota throws at it.

Outstanding Beauty & Low Maintenance

Our siding options provide the beauty of high-end siding without the cost. You have access to a wide selection of colors and textures that will make your home or business look the way that you want it to.

Some siding types, such as vinyl siding, are low maintenance meaning they will not chip, scratch, or peel. You may never need to paint again and cleaning involves rinsing with a garden hose. With some basic maintenance, you can keep your house siding looking like new for years to come.

A Brand New Look With Premium Siding Materials

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When it comes to siding installation, you have a lot of design flexibility. For instance, there are a wide variety of accessories for your doors, windows, corners, and other areas that need to be accented. These accent accessories are available in different colors and styles so that all unique tastes and budgets can be satisfied.

High Value & Warranty-Backed

Your home and/or business are among the most important investments you will ever make. Investing in new siding can help increase the value of your property while adding to its curb appeal. You will also have warranties to secure your investment. These often vary by manufacturer, so our Minneapolis siding installers will review warranties with you so you fully understand their context.

Once you have decided on a type of siding and color, the siding installation process will move forward. When possible, we complete our projects within two weeks and we are there to answer your questions and communicate with you throughout the process.

The end result will be a home or business that looks like new and has an exterior that can withstand Minnesota’s extreme weather.