Wood Siding

Twin Cities Wood Siding Installation

Siding a house with wooden shake siding gives it a unique classic charm in a simple yet eco-friendly way. Wooden siding also works exceptionally well when paired with other siding materials such as vinyl or metal. Whether your looking to clad your entire house in wood or use it as an accent, wood siding is a great choice that you will enjoy for years.

The Benefits of Wood Siding

  • Noise Resistant:
    Wood siding is a great sound barrier and will keep your home quieter than other types of siding.
  • Insulation:
    Wood siding has superior insulation characteristics and will help lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Variety:
    Wood can be finished using different oils, stains, and paints to match the style of any house.
  • Easy Installation:
    Wood siding is very simple to install and even easier to repair.
  • Eco-Friendly:
    Wood siding is very recyclable unlike most other types of siding materials.

Your Trusted Minneapolis Wooden Siding Contractors

The professional siding installers at Storm Group Roofing love installing wood siding. Our most popular wooden siding style is cedar shake siding. We will help you find the best wood siding options for your home and install it properly and efficiently.